Malibú Natural

Digitizing the food industry


Malibu faced the challenge of expanding its market and modernizing its business model. Although successful in physical commerce, they lacked an online presence, limiting their reach and growth potential.


Malibú is a family business dedicated to the sale of natural foods, its mission is to promote and encourage a healthy and sustainable lifestyle through the offer of high quality natural and organic products, as well as the support and advice required to its customers.

Technologies used in this project.

Malibú's Challenges

Custom Web Design and Development:
We created an e-commerce website from scratch, focused on reflecting the essence and values of our client's brand. The design is clean, modern and easy to navigate, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

User-centered design:
The interface design focused on creating an intuitive and pleasant user experience. We used colors, fonts and visual elements that resonated with the natural and organic theme of the products. Navigation was designed to be simple and direct, allowing users to easily find what they were looking for.

Mobile Optimization:
Aware of the growing trend of using mobile devices for online shopping, we ensured that the design was fully responsive. This meant adapting the website to look and work perfectly on a variety of devices and screen sizes, from mobile phones to tablets and desktop computers.

Features & Improvements

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Trusted partner

The OH team works together with the Malibú Marketing team to advise them on all their requirements and transform their objectives into reality.

We provide them with support every day through an exclusive channel that ensures fluid communication.

We plan each release together and deploy it every 2 weeks, adding value to deliveries each month.

There are so much more!

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