Advantages Of Adobe Commerce Page Builder

Adobe Commerce Page Builder is a powerful website content creation and editing tool that allows merchants to save time while creating engaging shopping experiences without limits.

As online businesses grow, the ability to develop and deliver engaging content quickly is a requirement for success. The Page Builder feature gives merchants the ability to take content creation to the next level.

This feature was first introduced in November 2018 in version 2.3.1 of Magento 2. However, only those clients who had signed up for the paid version of Adobe Commerce were able to benefit from this functionality. 

Until last year, those merchants who had signed up for Magento Open Source, lacked a good content editor. Finally, in August 2021, Adobe released this functionality in version 2.4.3 of Magento Open Source. 

In this way, all Adobe merchants can benefit from and contribute to the continuous improvement of this popular tool. However, some Page Builder functions will only be available in Adobe Commerce, such as dynamic blocks.

With this modification, all merchants starting out with Magento Open Source will be able to have a smoother transition to Adobe Commerce as their business grows. 

If you want to know more about this tool, in this article we tell you about the main advantages of Page Builder.

What are the advantages of using Adobe Commerce Page Builder?

1- Easy-to-use interface saves time and resources

Update the content of your pages at a faster speed and without relying on anyone else. Due to its intuitive interface and content editor, merchants can create and publish content instantly.

Using drag-and-drop functionality, you can manage the content on your pages without having to call in developers every time you need to change something. All you have to do is drag content from one side and drop it where you want it.

With Page Builder, you reduce content management time with integrated editing, reusable dynamic blocks, and the ability to save pages and content layouts as templates that can be reused across multiple sites.

And with real-time editing, you can update any changes in the builder backend and preview how the changes will look on the content page before they are published. In addition, you can schedule content changes at any time without having to rely on other teams.

2- Create engaging customer experiences 

Adobe Commerce Page Builder allows you to create attractive pages for your customers with different types of content. Its powerful features allow merchants to create and manage dynamic and static content.

Static blocks are a type of information that does not change very often, such as contact details. On the other hand, dynamic blocks are those that display temporary content to customers. For example, the execution of a promotional campaign such as Christmas.

All of its designs will help you create more immersive experiences. Page Builder offers full support for text, images, videos, slideshows, promotional banners and many other page layouts that can be adjusted. This opens up countless possibilities for custom design.

As an added bonus, you can merge content and commerce by enriching pages with product details and enhancing product discovery with personalized content on category pages.

All of these attributes will help you engage repeat visitors with innovative and up-to-date content.

3- Personalize your customers’ experience

Adobe Commerce Page Builder allows you to target content to customer segments to personalize the experience. This allows merchants to launch content updates quickly to respond in real time to their customers’ behavior.

You can also add AI-powered product recommendations to show visitors the right products at the right time.

4- Take control of your brand

With Page Builder, your marketing team can control the way content pages are laid out and create new pages. Design pages the way you want with flexible content layouts and place elements without the need for code.

5- Customize Your Page Builder

Customize Page Builder to create page layouts that fit the essence of your brand. You can extend existing content types or create new ones from scratch to fulfill your company’s content needs.


We have reviewed the main features of the Page Builder tool. With this functionality, you can create and launch engaging content on your website and deliver world-class shopping experiences.

Page Builder is available for Adobe Commerce merchants and, as of version 2.4.3, for Magento Open Source. 

If you are a Magento Open Source user you should be aware that not all Page Builder features will be available. However, the basic functionalities of the free version are sufficient for shops with a simple construction. 

If, on the other hand, you want to fully exploit its functionalities, it would be best to contract Adobe Commerce. 

What are you waiting for to join the Adobe community and benefit from this functionality? 

If you are on Magento Open Source we will upgrade your site to version 2.4.3 to benefit from the tool that is trending in the world of eCommerce.