Black Friday: Prepare your eCommerce to sell more

Black Friday is celebrated, as every year, on the last Friday of November and this day officially opens the season of discounts and Christmas shopping. 

This event represents a great opportunity for businesses to try to close as many sales as possible by attracting customers with tempting offers. It's also the ideal occasion to liquidate seasonal items or promote brand recognition before a key date such as Christmas.

While thousands of people are waiting expectantly for one of the most important dates in eCommerce, retailers are thinking about how to offer a good shopping experience to sell more this Black Friday 2022. 

Some facts you need to consider to sell more this Black Friday

While this year's Black Friday will be marked by the economic crisis in which the entire world is immersed in the wake of the pandemic, an event like this can act as an economic booster for many of these businesses.

According to the “Black Friday” report by Webloyalty, this year the event will be marked by uncertainty and economic restraint. This is why consumers will take advantage of this season's discounts more than ever. In fact, online spending for this year is estimated to grow by 25% compared to the previous year.

Regarding the profile of the online shopper during this date, Webloyalty mentions that its composition is very homogenous in terms of gender, with 51.2% women and 48.8% men. On the other hand, the age group of the population between 35 and 54 years (46.2%) stands out.

In respect of the times of the day when the highest volumes of purchases are recorded, Webloyalty mentions that they are usually first thing in the morning from 9 A.M.. to 11 A.M.. and in the afternoon, at the end of the working day from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

Finally, the devices most used by buyers are the cell phone with 61.7%, followed by the computer with 36.6%, while the tablet appears last with 1.7%. Considering all these factors, it's time to optimize your store with the following 8 tips to sell more this Black Friday 2022 that we've prepared for you.

8 tips to sell more this Black Friday 

The goal of Black Friday is for shoppers to get a head start on their holiday shopping, so if you have an eCommerce business, it's an ideal time for you to implement a set of strategies to help you increase your sales.

1- Prepare your site for Black Friday

Adapt your website to this special day:

  • Prepare pop-ups and banners on the site that promote sales.
  • Design specific banners with your offers.
  • Check that the discount coupons work.
  • Create an image for your campaign that is recognizable.
  • Include a wish list.
  • Make the discount or offer only available in a number of units to cause a sense of urgency in the customer.
  • Make sure that information about delivery times and costs is visible at all times.
  • Extend your return policy for those users who take advantage of Black Friday to buy their Christmas gifts.

On the other hand, plan carefully which products will be on sale. It's not about incorporating a general discount for the entire site, but about studying which products you can afford to make that specific and real discount on. The best thing is to apply a higher discount to those that don't sell very well.

Most buyers tend to study the prices of the products they are interested in, so it is not advisable to raise prices and then lower them on special days.

2- Test the web operation on all devices

Review your entire site and run tests on each of your devices to verify that everything is working properly. Make sure your website adapts to different screen sizes, such as mobile phones and tablets.

As we saw earlier, the percentage of purchases made by cell phone is higher than those made by computer.

3- Ensure the fastest possible charging times

The performance of your site can make you win or lose sales. A slow site can cause customers to abandon your site, while a fast site can attract users.

You can expect traffic to your site during Black Friday to increase significantly compared to regular days. This increase in activity can severely affect the performance of your site, hampering the customer experience and discouraging sales.

To avoid losing sales it is essential to have a good hosting and an optimized design that allows you to offer a good browsing experience so that customers can browse, select products, go to the cart and close the purchase in a few steps.

You can improve the performance and speed of your site by performing the following actions:

  • Do some pre-configuration work on the server and performance of your online store.
  • Analyze the capacity of your site and ensure that it will be able to serve all customers.
  • Reduce the file size of the photos on your site by using image compressors and ensuring that quality is not lost during this process.
  • Scripts: Keep the number of hyphens to a minimum.
  • Install the plugins you really need.
  • Use Google PageSpeed Insights to ensure that all your pages load fast.

There are currently a large number of tools that can be used to perform a complete audit of your website and improve its performance. Many of them use bots to crawl their website, find broken links, and analyze what is slowing down the site to fix the problem.

If you require an audit and optimization of your Magento store, our Performance Optimization Services will provide you with everything you need to optimize your eCommerce store correctly and configure it to achieve maximum success in your business.

4- Optimize the shopping cart and checkout

It is estimated that the current average number of cars abandoned before payment is approximately 60%. This means a significant loss of sales revenue and is an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

While some cart abandonments are inevitable, many of the other problems can be solved by implementing different optimization strategies. Some of them are:

  • Consider implementing marketing strategies aimed at all customers who have. abandoned the shopping cart with a discount or offer.
  • Allows you to pay as a guest and register with a social account.
  • Offers different payment options.
  • Features a clean payment process.
  • Show an indicator of progress in the purchase process.
  • Offers a secure shopping experience.
  • Allow products to be edited and saved in the shopping cart.

If you want to know more about how to reduce the abandonment rate, we have prepared an article with 6 strategies to optimize the shopping cart.

5- Optimize the SEO of your site

If you want to make the most of your store's organic traffic, it's important to optimize your site's SEO. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website so that Google can easily find and rank the pages on your site.

Keyword research is one of the fundamental pillars for obtaining the most sales. Buyers will search for their favorite products using keywords, so we must ensure that our store is at the top of the results page, otherwise very few people will see our products and therefore sales will not be as expected.

A correct analysis will help us understand what customers are looking for, how they are looking for and which of all your products can attract the most traffic. It is also important to:

  • Create a landing page for this event. The ideal is to create a specific landing page for your campaign and that you maintain it year after year to position the page.
  • Optimize the title tag and meta description. The keywords that users search with must be found in those tags.
  • Write content related to this event and your eCommerce products. Finally, don't forget to redirect users to buy them when you mention them in the article.
  • Include a link from the header and footer of the site that links to the landing of the event.

6- Take advantage of Upselling and Cross-selling techniques

Upselling is a technique that consists of offering a complementary product to the one the customer buys. Cross-selling, on the other hand, is about offering related products that are complementary to the product that the customer initially had in mind.

The idea is not to be left alone with what the customer has been looking for. The business purpose of these techniques is to increase the order value and inform customers about additional product options that they may not yet be aware of.

The success of Black Friday lies largely in the idea that it is an opportunity that will soon run out. Try to play with this feeling so that customers feel like they can't miss this opportunity.

If you want to get the most out of these techniques, we've created the following guide to help you.

7- Add a faceted navigation and a quick search system

During Black Friday, most customers expect to make their purchases quickly before the products run out of stock. Because of this, it's important that they have the ability to quickly navigate throughout your site.

Faceted navigation is a great way to help users quickly and accurately find what they're looking for. This type of navigation provides them with numerous filters so that they can customize their searches.

Another way to make it easier for customers to navigate is to separate your products by categories. This will allow users to find products similar to the ones they are initially looking for.

Additionally, you can create a section within your site where you show your featured products. This way, customers will be able to reach the offers without having to navigate the entire site.

Finally, it invests in eCommerce technologies to optimize the shopping experience such as intelligent search. The addition of a search system will take users directly to the product section they are interested in.

All of these settings will significantly improve the browsing experience on your website.

8- Optimize the UX of your site

The user experience (UX) is one of the fundamental aspects for a website to be successful and achieve conversions. A good UX design will help you increase your sales and improve your position in search engines.

The goal is to improve the way in which users of your site can interact and access content. If it's easy to find what they're looking for, users will be more likely to continue interacting.

There are 4 key factors to evaluate whether your site is effective:

  • Structure and navigation: Give the user the most convenient and fastest way to navigate all the pages of your website.
  • Design: Your site must have a visually appealing design and at the same time efficient for users.
  • Readability: Users must be able to capture information on the website quickly and with minimal effort.
  • Responsive design: Your website must adapt to the screen size of the device the user is using.

In addition, you'll need to display accurate pricing information and provide useful content to improve the buyer experience.


To succeed in a world where more people choose to buy online, it is essential to optimize your eCommerce.

During this time, most eCommerce companies experience an increase in traffic to their websites. Here it is important that they have technologies that allow them to withstand these unpredictable peaks. This includes upgrading to a flexible and robust e-commerce platform, which is ready to scale as your traffic increases.

With these tips to sell more this Black Friday, you'll be prepared to successfully navigate this date and start the holiday season in the best way.

If you want to optimize your eCommerce and create a robust platform that allows you to scale your business, contact us. Our team of experts will guide you to transform your store and get more sales.