Boost Your ECommerce Sales During Special Dates

The important dates of eCommerce are key events that function as engines to boost people’s consumption and are an opportunity to bring together various businesses that seek to sell their products through the Internet.

These are real events that thousands of consumers and sellers look forward to every year. Some of these dates to increase sales are: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Hot Sale, among others. 

During these events, different brands offer promotions and discounts during the days they last. This generates an increase in the traffic of potential online shoppers and in the sales of the participating companies.

These events are an opportunity that every business should take advantage of to maximize their results:

  • Increase your brand visibility: Moments like these are an excellent opportunity for those eCommerce that need to reach a wider audience.
  • Sell more: You can reach thousands of users who will be eager to buy your products by taking advantage of discounts and promotions.
  • Reach new customers: The increased visibility of your business and your sales will translate into new customers.

The urge to give is responsible for creating demand and merchants must be able to attract all those potential buyers. However, beating the competition is not an easy task.

In OH we tell you how to prepare your online store to receive more sales during these dates.

How to prepare your store to sell more         

1) Start Early

It’s always good to be one step ahead of the competition, so start planning your business strategies for each event as early as possible. This way, you can have a real positive influence on your sales volume. 

Proper planning will help you create original marketing campaigns and transform each of these dates into an opportunity to get new customers and build loyalty with existing ones. 

You can create your own spreadsheet where you can organize and plan in advance all your actions, taking into consideration the objectives of your business. Within this planning you should include all the special dates. 

The planning scheme includes the actions you will take in search of different objectives, these can be: increase your sales, reach new customers, build customer loyalty, etc.

How to organize your agenda:

  • Start by making a list of those events that occur throughout the year and then start refining it.
  • See if there are cultural, world, sporting, seasonal, etc. events that might fit your brand identity.
  • Pour everything into a calendar.
  • For each date you should assign one or more business objectives, for example: boost sales, promote brand recognition, create more engagement with the public, get more customers, etc.
  • Put together a marketing plan that will help you achieve the objectives.

2) Conduct a market analysis

Before starting your marketing strategy, you should answer the following questions: What were the best-selling products in your store last year? Which products in your catalog do you consider to be the best sellers? Which of all the marketing strategies you implemented were most effective? Have you promoted sales in previous years? What was sold? What has the public been looking for? 

You can also use the Google Trends tool to find out what products customers are interested in this year. 

3) Optimize your eCommerce

Check in advance the performance of your website to see if it is capable of receiving large volumes of visitors simultaneously. In addition, we advise you to check that everything is working properly. 

You can test your online store yourself in order to detect any errors. This will prevent customers from encountering long loading times or a shopping cart that does not work.

Another point that you must take into account is that the browsing in your eCommerce from mobile devices is responsive. More and more buyers prefer to make their purchases from their own cell phones, so you should not lose sight of this.

4) SEO optimization

During these dates it is important to optimize your website with relevant and effective keywords to improve your ranking in search engine results.

Many times, in order to find good deals during these events, consumers usually include in their searches terms such as “Black Friday”, “Cyber Monday”, “Hot Sale”, etc, so when the time comes for some of these events, do not hesitate to scatter all these terms in: the titles of your pages, in the main text titles, in the file names of your photos, in your URLs, etc. 

However, always remember not to overuse them. 

5) Review and prepare your eCommerce for every event

In order to increase your sales, you need to make sure your products catch the attention of shoppers.

Make sure to:

  • Have quality photos for each of your products. The more photos you post, the more information people will have.
  • Complete descriptions.
  • Create clear calls to action.
  • Make payment methods and shipping methods clear.
  • Keep contact information always visible.
  • Use your home page as a welcome letter. You can use a banner or give the page a new look to help visitors find the offers of the day.

6) Check the stock of your products

During these events the demand for certain products may increase and it is likely that during the first few hours you will run out of stock. 

To avoid this:

  • Make sure you have enough products to sell.
  • Review the amount of products you have and update those that are needed.
  • Pack in advance. Preparing the packaging in advance will allow you to save time and ship faster.
  • Set aside a safety stock. This is an excellent resource to keep in  to deal with unforeseen events related to changes in demand or possible delays from suppliers. 

In the face of high demand, you must ensure that your products reach each customer in a timely manner. To do this you must: 

  • Check how your logistics processes and suppliers are doing before you start shipping your orders.
  • Define if you have enough equipment to prepare the orders.
  • Consider the possibility of hiring an extra logistics service.
  • Explain to customers that there is a possibility that shipments may be delayed during these dates.
  • Put a person in charge of unforeseen events, this person will be key to assist your buyers. This way, you will contribute to a positive shopping experience and make them choose you again.

7) Create different types of discounts and promotions

Before creating them, you should define your objectives for each event. Based on this you will be able to create different actions according to the reality of your business. During these dates, people look for significant discounts so you should create promotions that really seduce people.

When creating your promotions you should think more about quality than quantity. Offering a high number of promotions can be counterproductive for the customer’s experience since it risks depriving them of the impression of having access to an exclusive offer, which is exactly the impression we are looking to achieve.

Promotional ideas:

  • Exclusive discounts for the date.
  • Promotions 2×1 or 3×2.
  • Combos of products.
  • Gifts with purchases made during the event.
  • Free shipping.
  • Generate contests, sweepstakes and special promotions for your customers.
  • Percentage discounts.
  • Discounts with a fixed amount.
  • Combos of a product at a special price.
  • Discount based on the quantity of products purchased.
  • Discount for paying with a certain payment method.
  • Discount for future purchases.
  • Offer a special gift.

Once your offers have been created you must make sure they have the highest possible visibility.

8) Promote your offers through different channels

It is very important that during the previous days you communicate in all your channels the products and services that will have special promotions and discounts. This will capture the attention of your buyers and keep them expectant until the beginning of the campaign.

Some of these actions you can apply are:

  • Start with a teaser, then remind your customers when it’s time for the specific event, and finally, thank them when your discounts are over.
  • Create a section in your store to show all the products that are part of the event.
  • Conduct an email marketing campaign: They are a great channel to communicate your promotions and news effectively.
  • Spread your offers on social networks: a few days before you can reveal how much discount you will offer on a specific product and update the information every day. You can also use stories to attract users’ attention. In addition, during the event, you should publish offers and discounts so that your followers can be aware of the latest news and discounts.
  • Invest in online advertising: You can use tools such as Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads to create ads that include special promotions or discounts. This way, you can increase the display of your offers and the number of potential buyers.

9) Show urgency and use the element of surprise

You must show the customer what the urgency is for them to buy as quickly as possible. It is key to communicate this clearly and thus encourage your buyers to make their purchase decision faster.

In mass sales campaigns the urgency to buy is real. At the end of these dates the discounts will run out or even during them, the product could run out.

A strategy that can work very well are offers that last only a few hours. This time limit can seduce potential customers and lead them to buy impulsively because they do not want to miss the great opportunity offered by the brand.

On the other hand, having surprise elements is an excellent way to make people visit your site frequently during the day. One idea of surprise offers are those that are made at specific hours with reduced times, this way you will promote sales throughout the day. 

But in order for these strategies to give good results, the offers must be very attractive, for example, a discount of more than 30% or free shipping with no minimum purchase.

10) Provide excellent customer service

Communication is a very important factor that we must not lose sight of, since during these dates it is normal for user queries to increase considerably. 

Today’s users have little tolerance for waiting, so a faster response time will offer them a better experience. 

Some alternatives that we suggest to strengthen the responsiveness of your online store are:

A chatbot to help you manage all points of contact with your customers (website, social networks and instant messaging) and extend your store’s opening hours. You can streamline interactions by configuring your chatbot to provide the frequent answers your potential and current customers are looking for. 

If you have queries that are repetitive, you can create a FAQ section on your store landings page to quickly guide your customers.

You can add a web chat or a WhatsApp button to chat live with your shoppers. Remember to be clear in the opening hours and the means by which they can contact you. 

11) Don’t forget your most loyal customers

You should give extra incentives to your regular customers, some ideas could be to offer them early access to offers, exclusive deals, insider information or other rewards and prizes that will encourage them to buy.

12) Evaluate extending the time frame

Although in principle these events usually last for a certain number of days, they are often extended without notice for a few more days. If you wish and if it is profitable for you, you can also extend these events during the whole week.


Each of these dates produces intense online traffic that can bring many benefits to your store. Therefore, it is important that you are prepared to take advantage of each of these moments and increase your sales.

We hope that this year your brand will shine by applying as many of the tips we have just given you. Once each event is over, remember to take stock of your performance with the numbers achieved so that next year they can help you improve.