Announcement: End Of Life For Adobe Commerce 2.3

Adobe Commerce has recently announced a new lifecycle policy that brings with it the end of life for version 2.3. This new policy states that this release will enter the EOL (End Of Life) phase as of September 8, 2022.

While the end date had been set for April 28, 2022, it was extended to September to allow more time for clients to upgrade to the Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 released in April of this year.

The end of software support date includes the end of quality and security fixes.

If you have questions about how Adobe Commerce 2.3 end of life may affect your site continue reading this article. 

What does the end of life of Adobe Commerce 2.3 mean? 

Adobe Commerce released version 2.4 in July 2020 and during these two years, the different 2.4 versions have been replacing version 2.3.

While 2.4 is not a completely new version, today many stores are still running on versions of Adobe Commerce 2.3. In fact, it is estimated that there are 50,000+ active websites on this version. 

All of these stores will be able to continue running after the end of their lifecycle, however, they will no longer receive any updates or official support from Adobe. This involves a number of changes and opens questions that you are probably asking yourself right now:

Let’s explore further the main aspects that Adobe Commerce 2.3 end of life brings.

How would you benefit from the Adobe Commerce lifecycle policy? 

This policy implemented by Adobe Commerce comes into play for both Adobe Commerce 2.4 and its later versions:

  • Adobe will provide quality fixes for the 2.4 release line until its end of support date for the PHP version on which it is based. This means that a customer will be able to access quality fixes by contacting Adobe Commerce Support.
  • Adobe will provide security fixes only through the latest security patch or patch release, even if the customer’s version is still eligible for quality support.
  • For critical security issues Adobe will provide fixes for all customers on a supported version, even if they do not have the latest patch or security patch release.

Adobe recommends all users who still have their store running on version 2.3 to upgrade to version 2.4 to avoid future complications.

4 Changes that Adobe Commerce 2.3 End Of Life brings  

1) Goodbye to official support

The end of this version means that you will no longer be able to submit support tickets for Adobe Commerce 2.3 since they will no longer be valid. 

If your store starts experiencing failures while using version 2.3, you will not be supported by the official Adobe Commerce development team. So you will have to solve it yourself with your technical team.

2) Goodbye to upgrades

Adobe Commerce 2.3 end of life means no more upgrades. Every release of a new version is an opportunity to update the core of your store, keep it secure, reliable and performing well. 

In addition, the various updates provide your store with support for the latest features. So, if at the end of the Adobe Commerce version, you continue to use an unsupported version, your store will be exposed to various vulnerabilities such as security flaws, bugs and other issues with the platform.

3) No official documentation

The official Dev Docs documentation will be removed from the website for outdated versions of Adobe Commerce. This means that if you start experiencing problems with your store while using Adobe Commerce 2.3, it will be very difficult for you to fix them since you will not have the proper developer docs.

4) Incompatibility With Adobe Commerce Marketplace

Those extensions that are not compatible such as Adobe Commerce 2.3, will be completely removed from the store. Adobe Commerce 2.3 stores will not be able to use most of the essential extensions to run their store.

On the other hand, the latest extension releases in the official Adobe Commerce marketplace will no longer be compatible with Adobe Commerce 2.3. Store owners will not be able to access the new extensions and features to manage their store efficiently. 

Consequently, you will have to upgrade to Adobe Commerce 2.4. if you do not want those essential extensions that your store has to stop working and cause various problems to your site.

Should I upgrade my store to Adobe Commerce 2.4?

Update your Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source project is critical for your store remains secure and running at efficiency.

The new update includes backwards compatible changes and introduces significant changes. These include support for PHP 8.1, enhanced B2B and B2C functionality, and other updates such as ElasticSearch, jQuery, and MySQL.

Based on the latest version of PHP, 8.1, it will enable you to future-proof your ecommerce with:

  • Faster access to innovative features delivered as SaaS services.
  • Easier and more cost-effective maintenance and upgrades.
  • Continued flexibility and customizability to meet unique business needs.
  • Significant increases in performance and scalability.
  • Improved developer experience and tools.
  • Ability for deeper integration with other Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

Upgrading to the latest version will give you the security and performance your store needs. We recommend the following article where we describe the most important features Adobe Commerce 2.4.4 has to offer you.


As we saw, Adobe Commerce 2.3 end-of-life poses different problems for store owners. The most convenient way to avoid dealing with those problems is to upgrade your store to Adobe Commerce 2.4.

If after the 2.3 expiration date your store continues to run on that version, it is likely to face different vulnerabilities such as security threats, lack of support and PCI compliance. 

In addition to support and access to new updates, Adobe Commerce 2.4 will give you access to a new features and continuous improvements.

If your store is still running Adobe Commerce 2.3 and you are thinking of upgrading to the latest version don’t worry, our professional team will help you upgrade your store successfully.

Improve the efficiency and security of your store by upgrading to the latest version of Magento 2. With our Adobe Commerce upgrade services we will take your store to the next level.

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