Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence

Running a business efficiently means making the best decisions with the most efficient tools. Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence centralize your business information so you can analyze and make decisions in an agile way.

Merchants need a tool that allows them to analyze the large amount of information about their business. In practice this can become a overwhelming task due to the complex process of data extraction, validation and analysis. 

The information generated by Business Intelligence is a gold mine for marketers. Is a technology used to analyze data, convert it into knowledge and present the information in a detailed way. Its ultimate goal is to help marketers make better decisions in an accurate way.

Choosing the best solution based on information analysis is essential for any business seeking to position itself in the market. Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence allows merchants to monitor business health through its integrated cloud-based data warehouse technology.

Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence brings all of your business data together in one place. This tool stores, synchronizes, and presents information from your entire operation so you can analyze, learn, and make data-driven decisions.

In this article we will tell you the benefits of integrating Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence in your business

Why incorporate Business Intelligence into my business?

Get all your data in one place

BI centralizes and structures all your business data. As a result, it will help you understand your processes, streamline decision making and improve your ability to identify key opportunities and/or threats

View customized reports in real time

BI's data visualization capabilities will allow you to create reports and dashboards that can be adapted to the needs of each area of your business. Through customized reports, each area of your business will have information updated in real time.

Make decisions and expand your business vision

Through BI, you will have access to detailed and updated information about your business. Using graphs and dashboards, you will be able to have updated data presented in a very visual and dynamic way.

With all this information you will be able to make decisions based on evidence quickly and safely.

Identify new opportunities

BI allows you to identify new opportunities and develop a strategy with supporting data. This will represent a competitive advantage for your business and will impact profitability in the medium and long-term.

Create unique experiences for your customers

BI helps companies to know their customers in real time, knowing their behavior patterns and other important aspects. Thanks to this information you will be make the necessary changes, anticipate their needs and provide them with an excellent service.

Improve the efficiency of your business

With BI you will be able to automate the corresponding processes and minimize the possibility of making mistakes. By redirecting all your time to develop truly effective and data-driven strategies, you will be focusing all your efforts on improving sales and improving your business.

Adobe Commerce offers merchants the ability to collect, analyze and perform complex operations with their databases. This will allow you to understand customer behavior and planning strategies based on the resulting reports.

Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence offers comprehensive visualization capabilities, robust reporting tools, and the ability to identify your best customers.

Let's explore more about its features and why it's so important for your e-commerce.

10 Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence features

With Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence, merchants need only think about the decisions and strategies they will make. In addition to collecting all your data in one place, allows you to increase control, while improving the efficiency with which you track goals, send reports, and target your ideal customers.

1- Track objectives and make quick decisions

Know the status of your business in an up-to-date way thanks to its intuitive and customizable dashboards. Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence extracts data from your entire business and presents it in an attractive and accessible way.

All the doubts that may arise will be resolved with the presentation of the data, collected in an understandable way. All this will end up saving a considerable portion of the time it would take to review reports in the traditional way.

2- Make decisions based on a reliable database

The platform manages and compiles data from all aspects of the business and arranges them in a record of information that allows you to know exactly where the company stands at any given moment. From sales forecasts to real-time data, you’ll have the hard evidence you need to back up your ideas.

As a result, decision making will be based on reliable data, which will serve to foresee any unfavorable situation resulting from a wrong decision.

3- Powerful data warehouse

With its centralization and management capabilities, Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence removes all possible obstacles with a central solution that allows you to analyze what is most important.

Its powerful data warehouse is what sets it apart from other analytics platforms. Collecting all your existing data from systems such as MySQL, Google Analytics, Google for Retail, and Facebook Ads, Data Warehouse consolidates this information into reactive data tables.

4- Operations optimization

Easily and virtually automatically identify the key factors that determine the successful performance of each transaction. By using Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence, optimizing or modifying actions in the necessary areas will be a much simpler and more effective task.

5- Efficiency development

By obtaining all the data from a single source and being able to view it in a single global dashboard, the generation of detailed reports for each area will be a much more effective task. All this will save your team time, budget and energy.

6- Business performance tracking

Identify top-performing categories and top-spending customer segments based on revenue distribution figures. In addition, you can track your site activity to monitor customer conversion rate and abandonment rate.

7- Create and send reports

Gain meaningful insights into key business performance metrics through your report builders.

Firstly, you can share reports and graphical summaries by email, manually or periodically through automated scheduling. Secondly, you can export reports as .CSV and Excel files or as images in PNG, PDF, and SVG formats for easy sharing.

Finally, Adobe Commerce enables you to create easy-to-understand reports and share them with others, without the need for technical knowledge or SQL training.

8- Improved internal communication

The organizational structure of your business will be optimized with the inclusion of an interface that any member of the organization can interact with. In this way, internal communication will become faster and more fluid, as each manager and employee will have access to the necessary information at the same time.

9- Obtain relevant information on customer behavior

Data on sales, product visits and shopping cart abandonment allow you to compile a comprehensive and effective overview of customer needs and interests.

The consumer database can be broken down to personalize offers and increase opportunities to sell related or similar products to those purchased. It can also be used to determine which outlets are the most appropriate for specific products.

10- Data editing control

Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence offers a range of permission levels to ensure security and maintain control over analytics systems. After assigning an administrator, you can edit your store’s data, metrics, dashboards and reports.


We have seen the importance of having a Business Intelligence solution and the advantages that Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence offers.

Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence has everything to help you achieve success by giving you a holistic view of the market to be able to visualize all possible scenarios.

With this tool you will have faster and more accurate access to all your business information. In addition, you will have the power to accelerate and improve your decision-making process, while increasing operational efficiency and identifying new profitability opportunities and market trends.

Consequently, you’ll spend more time planning strategies and less time gathering data from disparate sources.

If you would like to get a customized Adobe BI quote for your specific needs, please contact us. Our certified Adobe Commerce team will be happy to help you take the next steps.