Why Should You Choose Adobe Commerce on Cloud?

More and more companies are demanding an eCommerce solution that allows them to optimize their resources and their information at any time. Adobe Commerce on Cloud can give you a huge advantage over your competition. 

Cloud eCommerce solutions are those that provide the software and hardware necessary to create your online store. As traffic and transactions increase, companies must turn to these solutions to offer the best experience to their customers. 

Success will depend on the ability to scale as demand increases, and customer needs change, while keeping costs optimized.

Adobe Commerce on Cloud was created to manage, personalize, and improve business experiences. This solution easily synchronizes with other Adobe tools such as Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Analytics Cloud. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Adobe Commerce on Cloud, this article tells you everything you need to know.

What is Adobe Commerce on Cloud? 

Adobe Commerce on Cloud allows you to confidently operate cloud-based services using continuous deployments, monitoring, development tools and implementation efficiencies. 

Buyers demand excellent performance, top-notch security and engaging interactions. As a store owner, you must ensure that all aspects of your business operate on a stable foundation. From infrastructure to innovative tools, to perfect performance of background services and interface.

Adobe Commerce on Cloud offers continuous delivery of cloud-based services. This gives you instant access to the latest version of the software, infrastructure improvements and functionality. It also uses ready-to-use tools, which make day-to-day life much easier for the development team. 

Finally, it has optimized performance for background services and interfaces to ensure that your store works 100% at all times.

10 benefits of migrating your eCommerce to Adobe Commerce on Cloud

1- Data Storage and Management

Don’t worry about creating or provisioning your own data storage. Adobe Commerce includes cloud-hosted data storage that helps you concentrate all your data in one place, so you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. You control what data to synchronize and from which systems to synchronize it, while maintaining its security.

On the other hand, Adobe Commerce on Cloud allows you to seamlessly add third-party sources and databases through its pre-designed integrations. This will save you from workloads with complex integrations.

2- Optimized Performance

The Adobe Commerce on Cloud infrastructure gives you the flexibility to scale according to the traffic your store receives. As a result, response times are lower since the servers are configured specifically for your platform.

This solution offers a reliable environment based on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure that supports any deployment size.

Thanks to its high availability, scalability and performance, you can offer the experience that your most demanding customers demand.

3- Security

Consumers and B2B buyers trust you to protect their sensitive data. Adobe Commerce on Cloud allows you to protect your stores from malicious traffic with extensive security protections:

On the one hand, it is PCI certified as a Tier 1 solution provider. That means you can use the PCI compliance certificate to help you during your own PCI certification process.

Additionally, Adobe allows you to conduct your online business with confidence using tools such as security analysis, this will allow you to monitor your sites and get updates on security risks, malware and unauthorized access. 

Finally, thanks to Adobe’s active global developer community, you can rest assured that your security mechanisms will always be up to date.

4- Sustainable and highly available infrastructure

Deploy globally in nearly any of Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure regions with a reliable architecture with high availability and elastic.

The choice of Adobe Commerce on Cloud can positively improve the environment, producing a fairer ecological environment. This is possible because savings in electricity consumption can in many cases lead to a reduction of more than 70%.

5- Cost and Resource Savings

Adobe Commerce on Cloud allows you to expand the resources of your store according to the real needs of managing them.

Cloud solutions like these include hosting, so you don’t have to pay for servers or a programmer’s services. This will make the cost optimization total.

6- Global Content Distribution

Accelerate site performance through the built-in default integration of Fastly CDN + Varnish. This will allow you to write custom rules for handling website requests using “Varnish Configuration Language” (VCL).

In addition, you can use the Fastly extension for Commerce to manage all aspects of caching and content distribution.

7- Image Optimization

Optimize your store’s images with Fastly’s advanced image optimization service. This will allow you to present excellent quality images, closer to your users, without overloading your server. 

Its many benefits include a significant increase in page speed and significant compression of the weight of images.

8- Deployment Tools

Deployment tools enable agile and rapid development and testing. Additionally, it encourages good deployment practices and streamlines the build and deployment process for all environments.

9- Monitoring with managed alerts

Adobe Commerce on Cloud includes managed alerts in four different categories and two thresholds. Managed alerts monitor 200 metrics to proactively track performance and stability of the site. These alerts include specific instructions on how to fix underlying issues quickly.

10- Integrated Environment

Adobe Commerce on Cloud offers up to eight integration environments that can be quickly deployed, combined, cloned and destroyed for easy development and testing. These integration environments work seamlessly with the testing and production environments of your real store.


We’ve reviewed the main advantages that Adobe Commerce on Cloud can bring to your store. With this cloud solution, you can simplify the growth of your technology stack and reduce total costs of ownership (TCO).

More and more companies are deciding to migrate to the cloud, so it is expected that these solution will continue to set trends as they have been doing until now.

If you need a highly available cloud solution to grow and scale without limits, contact us