Move to Magento and take off your business

Migrate your Online Store to Magento 2.4

Migrate your store from Magento 1 or other frameworks (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Pretashop, BigCommerce, OpenCart and others) to Magento Open Source/Adobe Commerce so that you can continue to grow without limits.

Why migrate to Magento/Adobe Commerce?

As our business grows, migrating to another eCommerce platform is presented as the best option to grow in a market that is becoming more competitive day by day.

Your store is still running on Magento 1

Magento 1 End of Life support since June 2020. If you're still on Magento 1, your store won't receive support, security patches, or updates from Adobe. This makes your site vulnerable to potential attacks.

Your current platform has limited customization

There are many platforms where customization isn't as flexible as it should be, which means that you'll have to settle for the designs and functions available. 

Your current platform has scalability issues

There are platforms that are only capable of supporting small and medium-sized stores. When it comes to scalability, Magento allows you to continue running optimally. 

Expand your market

When creating a store for the first time, it's common to start selling to one specific area or country. Magento allows you to manage different languajes, currencies and pricing for selling to any country you desired to expand your market.

Benefits of Migrate to Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source

Get an agile, flexible and fully scalable trading platform

Adobe Commerce is ready to evolve as your business grows and changes over time. The platform has extensive responsiveness to cope with the growth in traffic and sales in your store.

Extensive customization capacity

Adobe Commerce gives you complete customization freedom to create and modify every aspect of your store without limitations. This platform has a wide variety of ready-to-use features and the ability to adapt to the needs of your company.

Get faster load times and good SEO rankings

A higher loading speed will improve the user experience and your SEO ranking. In addition, Adobe Commerce has an architecture optimized for SEO, is friendly to search engines and achieves a good positioning of the store and products.

Simple and intuitive Admin Panel

Since the acquisition of Magento by Adobe, a lot of work has been done to make the user interface easy and simple to use. So you no longer need a Magento expert to make any small changes you want to make to your store.

Why hire our Adobe Commerce & Magento migration services?

Migrate to Adobe Commerce and Take Your Business to the Top

As our store's traffic and sales grow, the needs we had in the beginning won't be the same. Therefore, we must have a solution that is enought robust, reliable and scalable. This will allow us to expand our business in accordance with our objectives. 

Adobe Commerce is a leading platform in the market thanks to its functionalities and advantages that make it stand out from its competitors.

Migration specialists at your disposal

Our specialists will create a tailor-made migration plan for you to ensure a smooth migration of your store to Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source, with full SEO, performance optimization and technical adjustments, keeping all your business requirements as a priority.

Migrate to evolve

The process usually involve sales, customers, catalog and frontend theme migration to the new platform, we have all these steps covered for you. 
You will not lose any data from your old platform and for your customers experience it could be transparent if you desire to keep your current design.

We estimate your budget based on your requirements

All eCommerce are different. The complexity of the migration will depend on the platform you're on and the third-party integrations you have. Our team of specialists will create a personalized quote adapted to your store.

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Our team of certified professionals will be happy to listen to you and give you the advice you need to achieve your business goals.


Find all the information related to your project in one place. Track the status of tickets, invoicing and other relevant information about your business. 


Sleep easy knowing that your store is backed by experts. Get seamless communication with our team throughout the project through an exclusive Slack channel. 


Our team of certified professionals will be happy to listen to you and give you the advice you need to achieve your migration goals.


We are Adobe Solution Partners, which means that we develop solutions with the best practices recommended by Adobe. The migration of your store will be carried out according to the best quality standards and in an efficient manner. In addition, your solution will be protected by a 6-month warranty on our code.

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