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Support and Maintenance of your Magento Store

Get support and maintenance for your store in Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce. Avoid losing money and reliability due to server failures or cyber attacks on your store.

Protect your Business 24/7

Avoid losing money due to Cyber Attack

The costs generated by cyberattacks will reach $10.5 billion annually worldwide by 2025. 

Keep your Store with 99,9% Uptime

In 2022 eCommerces losing at least 10% in revenue due to downtime and website performance issues.

Deliver Reliable and Secure Experiences

A one-second delay in the loading speed of a website can cause a website to lose 7% of revenue.

Problems due to lack of Support

The smallest problem with your online store can cost you money.

Technical Issues

You need a support team to eliminate errors in your store and be always available to your company.

Security Breaches

Security breaches can leave your site vulnerable, putting your customer and business data at risk.

Poor Performance

Magento/Adobe Commerce requires configurations for optimal operation. 

Site Downtime 

The maintenance of an online store must be done daily to ensure that you are always online.

Benefits of Adobe Commerce & Magento Support and Maintenance

Hot Fixes

Once the bugs are identified, we evaluate the impact of the error and start looking for the best approach to fix it quickly and efficiently. After apply fixes, we perform extensive testing to ensure that everything is working properly.

24/7 Support

Your store needs to stay operational with the latest updates and features. Our eCommerce experts can configure your store for the best results or provide professional advice on necessary improvements.

Active Maintenance of your Site

Through exhaustive audits, we diagnose the current state of your store to drive improvements that can be applied at all times. In addition, we identify any potential errors before they start causing big problems.

Audit and Detection of Security Threats

Adobe Commerce does a lot, but not everything. That's why we'll take care of additional backups, time tracking and make sure that the code your former developer embedded in your site doesn't cause any security issues.

99,9% Uptime

Avoid store downtime in your store. With our support services, your store's performance will be safe. We know that downtime can affect sales and your SEO rankings. That's why our team will work to quickly resolve downtime issues.



Why hire our Support and Maintenance Services?

Insurance for your business

To achieve your goals and make your eCommerce project a reality, it's essential to back up your store with the required security and the highest possible performance.

Any eCommerce store, regardless of its size, needs continuous support and maintenance to ensure optimal and error-free operation.

Experts who support your store on a daily basis

Through our support and maintenance service, we are responsible for performing the tasks required to resolve technical problems that prevent the normal and proper functioning of your store. To do this, we design a strategy aimed at providing you with support and maintenance as we make improvements, changes and apply fixes to your site. 

Stable performance

Ensure maximum store performance by hiring Magento experts who will help you keep your site running at the highest level.

Immerse yourself in constant improvement that aims at the stability and improvement in the performance of your site. Get long-term assistance, full cooperation and support for the growth of your business.

24/7 support
99,9% Uptime

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Working OH Benefits

Through our Adobe Commerce and Magento Support and Maintenance Services, we'll help you provide a powerful and error-free experience.


Access all the relevant information about your business from a single and personalized place. Check the status of tasks, billing and technical aspects of your store. 


Have seamless communication with our team at all times. Thanks to an exclusive Slack channel, you can make all your daily queries.


Throughout the project you will have at your disposal a team of Project Managers, web developers, QA Tester and specialists to help you achieve success.


If you are not happy with our service, we will refund your money.

We are Adobe Commerce Partners, which means that our support service is executed with the highest quality standards and in an efficient manner. All of our solutions are protected by a 6-month warranty in our code.

24/7 Support. Protect your business.

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