Magento 2 Custom Development 

Get an store 100% Personalized. 

Offer unique experiences with an improved and optimized store. Re-design your store or Start from scratch.

Are you ready to stand out in a sea of competitors?


Currently, Online Sales account for 50% of all sales for most companies in the present.

USD 7,5 Billions 

It is expected that between 2023 and 2027 they will grow by 7.5 trillion dollars.


In 2040, it is estimated that close to 95% of sales will be made through an eCommerce system.

Offering a High-Impact Experience is No longer an Option.

Nowadays, customers are more demanding and they demand a simple, comfortable, personalized and attractive shopping experience.

Doesn't Stand Out from the Competition

In 2021, the lack of personalization cost companies an estimated $756 billion.

With increasingly fierce competition and tight margins, you'll need the ability to identify your most profitable customers to build relevant and personalized experiences for them.

Poor User Experience

The user experience is one of the fundamental aspects for your website to be successful.

If a user enters your site and doesn't know what to do or where to find the information they're looking for, they'll end up leaving the site (and probably never will back). In these cases, a redesign of the site ranks as the best solution. 

My site Doesn't Adapt to all Devices

If your website isn't adapted to mobile devices, you'll probably end up losing sales and customers.

Redesigning your website with a responsive design will benefit the user since it will be very easy for them to navigate your website and their experience will be much more pleasant.

Outdated Technology and Outdated Code

Do you have problems with outdated technology, poor implementation and technical debt?

The best thing to do is to consider a web redesign of your store, the Version Update or the Migration to an improved platform like Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source.

Benefits of Magento Development Services

Create Unique Experiences for your Customers

Deliver personalized experiences to your customers by showing them content, product recommendations and offers based on their past behaviors. 

100% Personalized Store

Enjoy sophisticated, ready-to-use functionalities with unparalleled customization capacity and seamless integration with third parties. 

Turn your Visitors into Customers through an Intuitive Site 

Our goal is not only to make things look good and professional, but to make your entire site intuitive so that users can find what they're looking for.

Brand Recognition

The online presence of your business together with a unique experience will make your brand gain visibility and be known by many users. This will help you reach more customers and increase your sales. 

Flexibility and Scalability

Although our developers will initially configure an appropriate architecture, over time you may need to add additional functionality to meet the demands of your business. Custom website design provides companies with flexibility and scalability in the development process. 

Get a Store from scratch or improve your actual eCommerce

Stand Out from the Market

Not only should a successful site look good, but it must also ensure that the customer journey is intuitive and seamless to help them achieve their goals.

The functionalities of Adobe Commerce make it one of the most used and best-performing platforms on the market. No matter the sector, size or objectives of your business, Adobe Commerce offers you everything you need to grow in an increasingly competitive market. 

Hiring our Custom Adobe Commerce & Magento Development Services can bridge the gap between where your brand is located and where you want it to be. OH has the knowledge and experience to help you discover the true power of eCommerce with the best technology on the market.

Robust Technology & Expertise

We believe that the success of any business is directly related to the chosen eCommerce solution. Our team of professionals has been designing and developing unique experiences for years through Magento and Adobe Commerce. 

Our team of professionals takes every step of the project very seriously, right down to the finishing touches. 

Each of the decisions we make takes the customer into account. For us, fluid communication between both parties is essential to ensure the success of the project.

Personalized and Attractive Shopping Experience

Whatever your industry or sector, we will design and implement a site according to your requirements and with the best UX/UI practices.

Get a “tailor-made” site that is unique, scalable, responsive and suitable for your specific business. Our design and development services include building a site that is robust, reliable and scalable enough to allow you to expand your business according to your objectives and growth trajectory.

This platform is designed for all those who want a personalized branded store and demand unique operations and business practices that require personalization tailored to the company. From experiences for your customers to the complete design of the website, our team of designers and developers will be there to cover all your needs.

Custom Quote for your Business

All eCommerce are different. The price will depend on your objectives, the use cases and the design to be developed.

The OH team of specialists will create a personalized quote adapted to your store.

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 Benefits of being part of our exclusive OH services


All control in one place.
Be aware of everything that happens in your project. Ticket status, billing, technical data and tips for scaling your business! 


Get smooth communication, follow-up and continuous improvement with our team through a Slack channel. You'll always find one of our professionals on the other side to help you.


Our team of professionals is full certified and has the necessary knowledge to carry out successful implementations for your business. Get all your business goals! 


We are Adobe Commerce Partners, we work together with Adobe to offer solutions with the best practices on the market.

All our solutions are protected by a 6-month warranty on our code. 

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