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Magento 2.4.6

New Features,

Optimization and Security


Why should I update my store to the latest version of Magento

Security flaws, poor performance and high maintenance costs. Does it sound familiar to you?

Security Hole

83% of security incidents occur due to outdated software. In most cases these problems have been solved in new versions.

Low Velocity

The first 5 seconds of load time have a significant effect on your eCommerce conversion rate and every second of latency thereafter has a ~4.4% less impact.

Vulnerable Site

30% of all cyberattacks are focused on eCommerce causing merchants significant financial losses, market shares and business reputation.

High Cost

Delaying updates to your platform comes at a cost that can have a lasting impact on your business due to the technical debt accumulated as a result of the delay.

Updating the version of your store will allow you

Save Time and Money

Access the latest features such as the Page Builder! Where you will no longer need Devs for content changes. 

High Performance

It significantly increases the performance and scalability of your store by providing your customers with a fast and error-free shopping experience.

Robust Security

Protect your store and protect your customers' sensitive data thanks to the latest security patches from Adobe. 

Hundred of Core Bugs Fixed

Save time and money fixing bugs by yourself in old versions since you'll have access to the latest fixes.

Power your eCommerce

Optimized and Secure eCommerce

Benefit from a site with the latest updates and features without any effort while preparing your store to better serve the needs of your customers.
It provides robust, personalized experiences at every touchpoint, without interruptions in performance and uptime. Innovate faster and without limits, staying ahead of your competitors.

Why Upgrade?

Every release of a new version is an opportunity to update the core of your store, keeping it safe, reliable and performing well. The new versions bring new features to help you manage your store more effectively, saving you money on third-party development or extensions. 

Plan work

We'll create a tailor-made upgrade plan depending on the integrations you have and the current version your eCommerce is running. Throughout the project, you'll have smooth communication with the entire team and a test server so you can follow up on all the progress of the update. 

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From USD 999!

All eCommerce are different. The complexity of a store upgrade will depend on the version you are on and the third-party integrations you have between other factors. The OH Team of specialists will create a personalized budget adapted to your store.

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If you purchase our services you will also get


Track the status of all team tasks, billing and technical aspects of your store, all in one place.


Get smooth communication, follow-up and active support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


You will be assigned a team of Project Manager, Devs and QA Tester to make the Upgrade a Success.

You are protected

We are Adobe Commerce Partners, we work together with Adobe to offer solutions with the best practices in the market. The upgrade will be executed with highest quality standards and efficiently. All our solutions are protected by a 6-month warranty on our code. 

Upgrade today and avoid security issues and lost conversions

Boost your eCommerce with the latest features on the market and protect it against security attacks.
Save time and money on solutions that are already covered.

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