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The store upgrade to the latest stable version was just the first step in a journey of improvements that still continues today. Increased performance, optimization and use of all the advantages that Adobe Commerce has for B2C and B2B companies. Now not only do they offer a better experience to their customers, but they can also analyze their eCommerce and make better decisions for the future of their business. 


Relyco is a leading provider of unique and innovative paper products that are designed for laser and inkjet printers from USA. They provide synthetic paper, labels, metallic paper, pressure sealing forms, special packaging, business forms, checks, self-copying paper and payment solutions. 

Their products are excellent for thousands of uses, allowing their customers to get the most value from their investment in printers. For more than 30 years, they have worked with clients from all industries and federal, state and local governments.

Its purpose is to build trust through reliability.

Technologies used in this project

Relyco's Challenges

A major update to Adobe Commerce 2.4

It was a natural decision for Relyco to ask OH to update their store to the latest version of Magento. The release of a new version was an opportunity to update the core of their store, keeping it secure, reliable and performing well.

In addition, it allowed its platform to remain compatible with the latest features, which helped increase its sales and conversions.

Thanks to our upgrade services, Relyco maintained the competitiveness of its business and was able to continue with its growth plans. 

UI/UX improvements

Redesign and development of Product Page, Menu, Cart, Checkout, Register Page, Success Page, Customer pages.

Improve website accessibility with ADA Compliance Extension: User Way Magento Integration.

Account registration OTP (one time password) flow.

Environment Provisioning 

Environment Provisioning with Web Scale team.
Staging Environment with AWS.

Store Search Improvement

Improved search results based on Elasticsearch native compatibility

Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence and Product Recommendation powered by Adobe Sensei.

Adobe Commerce Business Intelligence helps drive better business insights and results through data aggregation, analysis, and visualization.

Product recommendations are a powerful marketing tool you can use to increase conversions, boost revenue, and stimulate shopper engagement with AI powered. 


We generate impact















“Relyco is a premier supplier of unique and innovative paper products that are designed for laser and inkjet printers. They provide synthetic paper, labels, metallic paper, pressure seal forms, specialty packaging, business forms, checks, carbonless paper and payment solutions. Their products are great for thousands of uses, which enables our customers to get the most value out of their printer.”

Dario, eCommrece Manager

Reliable Partner

OH team works alongside the Relyco Marketing team to advise them with all their requirements and transform their objectives into reality.

We provide them support every day through an exclusive channel that ensures smooth communication. 

Through agile methodologies and CI/CD we were able to deploy value quickly into production environment.

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Mobile view

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