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The project was a new challenge for OH as we worked together with a mexican Partner to help them make the project a success. Our support included the initial stages of the project with the Setup and Configuration of the environments in Adobe Commerce Cloud, consulting and theme development from scratch.


Being unique is an art in itself, Placencia's philosophy is to always be in fashion, looking for trends and avant-garde, whether it's furniture, a sculpture or a rug.

Thanks to their designers and meticulous almost artisanal work, our expert suppliers create extraordinary pieces that bear the stamp of exclusivity imprinted on them. The exclusive designs and fine materials in both textiles, wood, leather and other materials bring an unparalleled style to furniture in Placencia.


Contractor: Bambu Mobile, Mexico

Technologies used in this project

Placencia's Challenges

Setup Adobe Commerce Cloud Plan Pro

Successful setup in Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Development from Scratch

Custom development of Header, Home, My Account, CMS and Product Page.


We supported our alliance to offer the best solution by taking full advantage of the full power of Adobe Commerce.


We generate impact









“Relyco is a premier supplier of unique and innovative paper products that are designed for laser and inkjet printers. They provide synthetic paper, labels, metallic paper, pressure seal forms, specialty packaging, business forms, checks, carbonless paper and payment solutions. Their products are great for thousands of uses, which enables our customers to get the most value out of their printer.”

Dario, eCommrece Manager

A partner who has your back

The constant collaboration between both teams was essential to speed up the progress of the project and to be able to offer them an integrated set of services that meet their needs from end to end.

From the beginning, we understood that the perfect store would combine design and usability to generate loyalty and increase sales. The custom development of the Header, Home, My Account, CMS and Product Page made it easier for the Placencia team to manage the store.

None of this would have been possible without continuous communication with the team.

Desktop view
Mobile view

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