Juana de Arco

Inspired by Nature and Art.


​​For Juana de Arco, the customer experience has become a fundamental part of their business strategy. They came to OH searching performance improvement and bug fixing in their store, prioritizing accessibility and ease of use (UX).

OH provided a wide range of maintenance and bug fixing services to ensure that the Juana de Arco store operated smoothly and aligned with customer requirements. With the help of our team of experts, we provide optimal support and maintenance. 

ABOUT Juana de Arco

Juana de Arco was born in 1998 in the neighborhood of Palermo Viejo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, by the hand of Mariana Cortés, a designer from the U.B.A. and artist Inspired by nature, art and recovering Latin American textile techniques, for each collection Mariana draws textiles that are printed by hand in an infinite variety of colors and turn each garment into a unique piece. Currently, Joan of Arc has stores in Buenos Aires and Japan; Her products are also marketed in different cities in the United States and Europe.

Technologies used in this project

Juana de Arco's Challenges

Optimization (+25%) and Performance Improvements

25-30% increase in site speed.

Maintenance | Magento support

24/7 monthly support with an exclusive Slack channel for site consultation and maintenance. 

Improvement of design/UX and development in cart and checkout.

Redesign and implementation of cart and checkout improvements with 3 simple purchase steps. 

Custom Redisign and development

Juana de Arco came to us with a design that they have worked with her Marketing team. We have successfully implemented the improvements on key pages like Home Page, Header, Footer, Product Page, Category Page, Mini Cart, Cart, Checkout and few brand CMS in less than 2 months. Juana de Arco team was able to see the development in real time and the features deployed on production environment every 2 weeks thanks to our team following agile methodologies.

Bug Fixing

Search, Category Page, Product Page, Home.


We generate impact









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Server Connection Time

“Relyco is a premier supplier of unique and innovative paper products that are designed for laser and inkjet printers. They provide synthetic paper, labels, metallic paper, pressure seal forms, specialty packaging, business forms, checks, carbonless paper and payment solutions. Their products are great for thousands of uses, which enables our customers to get the most value out of their printer.”

Dario, eCommrece Manager

A winning partnership

Our team have worked throughout the project closely to Juana de Arco team to meet their commercial needs in all phases of the project.

Communication between both teams was excellent since the beginning. Thanks to the provisioning of an exclusive slack channel, the round trip was constant, which ended up enriching the final delivery.

Desktop view
Mobile view

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